Welcome To Because Rocks.

Welcome To Because Rocks.

Welcome to our store! At because Rocks., we sell apparel, mugs, posters and some other nifty items (did I mention coffee mugs), that help you make a tasteful statement about the things in which you believe and the world in which we live.

Our items are perfectly suited for the days when you don't want to have to end a conversation with 'because physics" but it needs to be ended that way. As a recent post of ours said.. point to the socks and walk away. Or...

Maybe you lost your voice at a concert and you want a shirt to rebut for you. We've got your back! 

Maybe you want to share your belief that creativity is an end and a reason unto itself, that the world needs art as much as it needs science. Maybe you eat, sleep, and breathe pointillism, or tattoos. Because you have stretched your own canvas on a frame and not everyone can say that! ... because Art.

You have always loved numbers, fractals, you watch Numberphile on YouTube (we do!) and get a glint in your eye when someone mentions -1/12 or compliments you on your Klein bottle earrings (actual miniature glass Klein bottles, seriously how awesome is that?)...because Math.

And for the workout peeps.... we only have one thing to say... because Deadlifts. (Hugh Jackman's calves notwithstanding). More importantly, you can say it too with our high performance tee that wicks moisture away (it actually does, we tried it!).

I have long lamented the loss of the adverb and now when I wear my hoodie that says "because Adverbs", and someone asks me 'what's an adverb?' I shall put on my ' because Education.' hat, and tell them!

Please browse our products and we hope you find something you like. We are adding more reasons all the time, so if you don't see a reason you want send us an email. If we have it on our 'upcoming' list we can move it to the front of the line! If it's not on our list, we'll consider adding it...because Ideas. (see what I did there?)

Have fun shopping!